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Our Story

Alkalign Wellness was founded in 2018 from the intuitive passion and field experience of Dr. Jasmine D. Simmons. 


I can remember studying for the MCAT and feeling that it was the wrong path for me. I began searching for alternative medicine one day out of frustration and found chiropractic/naturopathic medicine. Maybe it was faith or my often beaming overconfidence, but I applied that day and threw away the 3ft stack of MCAT study books immediately." - Dr. Jasmine D. Simmons.


Dr. Jas (as she’s known to her clients) holds a BS in Biology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a Doctor of Chiropractic from the National University of Health Science. Dr. Jas is also a doula, wife, and mother of two that practices a natural health and healing lifestyle. 


After working as a chiropractor l gained a better understanding of the depths of health. I realized that Chiropractic treatment was only one tool, and I wanted to offer my patients something more. Thus, Alkalign Wellness was born.


Alkalign Wellness provides all-natural health and lifestyle products that are proven health and wellness in the convenience of a person’s home.

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